Osage Pinnacle Design Group


Osage Pinnacle Design Group (NAICS Code 236220)

Osage Pinnacle Design Group (OPDG) brings more than 80 years of experience with their professional staff and does work all over the country for the federal government, the Corp of Engineers, state agencies and the private sector.
General Prime Contracting

OPDG provides a disciplined management system that promotes the successful execution of projects for its clients by assisting with pre-planning, design, construction, engineering and providing management expertise.

  • Cost Plus
  • Cost Reimbursable
  • Design-Bid-Build/Unit Price
  • Design-Bid-Build/Fix Price
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Target

Construction Management

  • Construction Manager as Agent (CMa)
  • Construction Manager as Constructor (CMc)
  • Construction Manager at Risk (CMr)/ Guaranteed Maximum Price
  • Project Development
  • Project Management

Design Build

OPDG takes ideas from concept to concrete by safely designing and building structures that meet a client’s specific needs, budget, and time frame.

  • Bridging/Design Assist
  • Design-Build
  • Design-Build-Plus
  • Site Adapt

Delivery Methods

  • Design-Build Services:  Osage Pinnacle Design Group provides design-build, design-assist, site-adapt, and design-build-plus services to its clients.  OPDG regularly teams with design firms to customize projects in order to meet the specific needs of its clients.
  • General/Prime Contracting Services:  providing general contracting services for project stakeholders by arranging the project scope by specialty, and then contracting with highly skilled subcontractors to provide the needed services.  OPDG works with subcontractors to provide just-in-time services, minimizing time loss and cost by ensuring that tasks are completed as needed.
  • Construction Management Services:  Osage Pinnacle Design Group offers construction management services, which include project management, site supervision, quality control, program management and safety management.  OPDG actively manages every component of the construction process.  In addition to these services, OPDG pre-qualifies highly skilled subcontractors to ensure that all technical and specialized aspects of the project are covered.  Construction management services enable OPDG’s clients the opportunity to interact with one (1) contractor, while still benefiting from the expertise of pre-qualified specialists.  OPDG uses the critical path method to plan all phases of the project and to monitor ongoing progress to ensure successful completion of each project.


  • Preconstruction Services
  • Construction Services
  • Post Construction Services
  • Facilities Services

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